The next generation news media and tech company founded by Charles McGill.

Join a Franchise in the fastest growing industry with competitive, simple investment opportunities an innovative track record and with the right support, but not by yourself.

With the understanding that it's Breaking News that drives social & digital media and a quotation for $1Million for a .News domain name I acquired BreakingNews.News to disrupt the news market which the News Media Alliance reports they estimate is worth $4.7Billion to Google but could be much higher as Google and Facebook's ad revenue from digital advertising in the US in 2017 is estimated at over $100Billion with news business' share at over $16Billion.

Our market & competition includes Buzzfeed.News replacing the outdated domain name  ($150Million annual revenue from $500Million investment) and so similarly BreakingNews.News will replace the outdated domain name owned by NBC News (Comcast) $100Billion and Franchisee investors will have the opportunity to share in this first mover advantage I have gained.

Traction already includes being ranked No1 for Breaking News in Twitter search results, an improved presence here and generating 10 to 50K daily traffic & impressions at height through sharing to social followers & connections etc.

The business was beta tested by trading in a City area but using the lesser value BreakingNews.CEO brand & domain within a niche and offering only support services but invoicing £45K p.a. over two years with a very high profit margin. £100K+ p.a. per member of staff can now be achieved with the improved company branding and offering stimulating advertising, digital media marketing and support services.

Master Franchises are available by continent and country and Franchises by cities / regions etc. These can be tailored to Franchisees experience and investment levels are negotiable and can depend on potential synergies. Please contact me stating your range of investment level and previous professional experience etc.


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